I collected 43 stories about people who love dolls and have figured out how they get along with them.  I sort their doll-playing approaches into four categories which are very much related to 1) education, 2) social interaction, 3) commemoration and 4) story-continuation.
These four kinds of doll-playing experiences or mentalities are familiar to most of my interviewees. I therefore am inspired to design the following relation-building approaches to let adults and children to play with their dolls together: i) Make Doll friends – a parent-child doll-making workshop; ii) Meet Doll friends – a social media platform to connect like-minded doll friends.  iii) Repair Doll friends - a doll repair workshop to recall one’s own memories with dolls;  iv) Share doll friends – a donation platform to give old dolls away to those in need so as to continue the dolls’ life-stories. 

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